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Spain: Definitely the Best Place to Get Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Spain: Definitely the Best Place to Get Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Medical tourism, also known as “scalpel tourism” has boomed in recent years thanks to the promise of health care in conditions that are not merely advantageous but unbeatable. More and more people of different nationalities are choosing to undergo aesthetic or plastic surgery outside their own country.

It is currently fashionable to go to Spain for treatments involving aesthetic surgery. There are several reasons for this beside the low cost of the operations, including considerations of prime importance for those wishing to improve their physical appearance. Among them are the climate, the sunshine, the beaches, the days of relaxation after the operation, and above all being able to return home has if nothing had happened after efficient treatment by renowned professionals in top-quality hospital conditions.

Tourists from all over the world ask for operations of every kind, from small retouching on the face, nose, or lips to radical transformations by means of abdominoplasties, new liposuction techniques or rejuvenating facelifts.

Going home looking ten years younger, or even weighing ten kilos less need no longer be a challenge, the specialists tell us. They normally take from two to four hours, depending on the condition, needs and requests of the patients, and they require no more than one night in hospital for exhaustive follow-up care.

Spain, in fact, has private health facilities that attract users from all over Europe. According to statistics released by the Spanish Plastic Surgery Association, Spain is the country where the largest number of aesthetic operation in the European Union are carried out, and the number continues to rise, especially in the case of specialized centers. Anybody who is going to undergo an operation should make certain that the clinic where it is to be carried out is legal, and should insist in a fully qualified team.

Microsurgery permits multiple interventions, and so has become an attractive option for patients. It is a procedure used frequently in mastectomies, since unlike silicon implants, which of course remain viable as a technique for reconstructing the breast, a graft obtained for an area of the body like the abdomen or the buttocks allows the patient to have an abdominoplasty or buttock elevation at the same time as breast is being reconstructed.

Some operations such as breast augmentation are shunned by some women, usually because they are afraid of the operating theatre. The latest aesthetic surgery techniques are therefore based on the use of gels for breast augmentation by grafting. Aesthetic medicine is starting to make way for a new technique which innovates and simplifies those until now for remodeling the body. It makes use of a hyaluronic acid gel aimed mainly at patients with a fear of anaesthetics.

After the operation, the patient returns to normal life. Post-op treatments last from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the amount of gel applied. The results are visible for about two years, and the treatment is carried out with local anaesthetic after application of a cream. During this time the gel is injected in the selected area with a very fine needle. The method is very simple and requires no surgical intervention.

Post-op treatment after aesthetic surgery almost always involves nurturing a scar. It is essential to take care of it, following the doctor’s instructions and making sure it is checked regularly by both the patient and the specialist.


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