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Liposuction Recovery – What to Expect

Liposuction Recovery – What to Expect

You eat a healthy diet and you exercise regularly. You are in great shape, but there is still a stubborn problem area on your body that all the exercise in the world can not whip into shape. So you do extensive research, talk to doctors and specialists, and finally make the decision to undergo liposuction. In the course of your research, you should have discussed liposuction recovery. You need to know how long it will take for you to get back to your normal activities and lifestyle. You need to know what you need to do to make sure you are healing properly from the procedure.

The liposuction recovery time depends on the patient and the procedure. Liposuction is a procedure where the doctor removes fat cell deposits underneath skin using a metal rod and a powerful vacuum. The patient will need to be anesthetized for the procedure either with a local or general anesthesia A local anesthesia has less risks than general anesthesia; the patient who was locally anesthetized can go home fairly soon after the procedure, usually within a couple of hours after the procedure.

For patients who undergo liposuction with general anesthesia, they will need to stay longer in order for the doctor to ensure the drugs have not caused any harm. Tumescent new liposuction, which is the most practiced form of liposuction, uses local anesthesia The anesthesia is injected directly into the fat cells so they become tumescent or enlarged and firm. Tumescent liposuction recovery is relatively quicker and less painful, mostly due to the use of local anesthesia.

As with all medical procedures, recovery from liposuction takes time. During the liposuction recovery period, you should expect to experience soreness and discomfort. Swelling, tenderness, and bruising will occur; you will need to wear tight compression garments for 1-2 weeks. You will also experience draining when fluids are being drained away from injured tissue.

During the period immediately after the procedure, you should abstain from strenuous activities and give your body time to heal. The recovery time varies for everyone but you are usually able to resume your normal activities after 2-4 weeks although you will still experience discomfort and swelling. Of course, this will decrease over time. Follow-up appointments with your doctor are vital as your condition should be monitored regularly to ensure that you are healing and recovering properly.

Liposuction is not a silver bullet that will magically make you slim and trim overnight. It is a surgical procedure that has risks and requires time for recovery and results. You can reduce your recovery time and discomfort if you are in good health before the procedure and take care of yourself properly after the procedure. Listen to your doctor and follow the post-procedure care instructions. Be patient, drink lots of water, and get plenty of rest. You decided to undergo this procedure for yourself so make sure you are taking excellent care of your body! Results will not be instant but if you do your research, talk to your doctor, and follow your doctor’s post-procedure instructions, you should get the results you want after a reasonable, realistic amount of time.


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