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Ankle Liposuction – What Is It and How Is It Done?

Ankle Liposuction – What Is It and How Is It Done?

A woman’s legs are the foundation of her beauty. They are literally what she uses to prop her beautiful face and body on. At the same time, a woman’s legs are usually one of the first definite impressions that people get of her. Hence, there is a saying about putting the “best foot (and leg) forward.” For this reason, it is extremely important for a woman’s legs to be as shapely as possible.

A liposuction ankle is short denoting legs and ankles that are stuffed with fat deposits and shapelessness. In the past, no remedy was available for this condition and women with such defects were doomed to wearing long skirts or trousers. However, today a number of different techniques exist for eliminating the fat that stuffs up the lower leg and ankles and deprives them of any attractive shape.

The best technique to use for liposuction ankles involves minimally invasive liposuction using cannulas. There are other ways to dissolve subcutaneous fat but in general, the most effective for shaping the lower legs and ankles well is the cannula method. This is because specific areas around that region can be targeted to give the lower legs and ankles an attractive shape. Other new liposuction procedures are performed by injecting enzymes that dissolve fats into the area concerned (a technique called mesotherapy). Still, others make use of the heat of laser beams to dissolve fatty deposits in the body. But since these do not really address selective shaping of certain portions of the ankles, they are hardly ever used for this purpose.

For liposuction ankles, smaller cannulas are used than the ones for abdominal liposuction. Cannulas are tubes which are inserted in various points of the skin. These tubes allow access to subcutaneous tissues where fat needs to be removed. The fat is melted and drawn out through the tube.

Because this method involves some trauma for the patient, recovery time is longer than for the other methods. Post-surgical treatment may include draining whatever anesthesia had to be injected for the operation.

Ankle liposuction using cannulas is not appropriate for everyone. First of all the skin in the region needs to have a good tone. This simply means that the little scars left behind by the operation should not be too evident. Although these scars eventually disappear with time, they can be plainly visible for a while. The patient must be healthy. Additionally, the “pinch test” should show positive results for the patient. The test involves pinching one cm. deep into the ankle with the patient flat on their feet and two cms. into the calves with the patient on their toes. Having successfully done that, the rest will be up to the patient to decide.

After a successful liposuction, you can keep your long skirts and trousers in the closet and get yourself those pretty short skirts that you have always longed to wear. The improvement in the shape of your legs should also improve your enthusiasm for life. If you think of ankle liposuction as an investment, you should be able to get many happy returns from it.


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