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Looking for the Best Alternative to Liposuction

Looking for the Best Alternative to Liposuction

Because of the considerable pain and discomfort involved in undergoing liposuction surgery, experts have investigated non-invasive methods for removing fatty bulges on the body. These methods involve the injection of some substance into the body that will dissolve the excess fat in the area where it is introduced. Undergoing an alternative to liposuction involves a minimum of the patients’ time, is less costly, poses fewer (if any) potential dangers for the patients, and produces results identical to surgical liposuction.

Mesotherapy is a non surgical alternative to liposuction in which enzymes that dissolve fatty deposits in the body are injected using tiny syringes that are so small as to cause minimal or no discomfort at all for the patient. The enzymes are injected into the portions of the body where fats and cellulite have to be eliminated. Cellulite is made of fatty cells that are adjacent to the skin of the body and cause the body to exhibits bulges interspersed with creases. Removal of these substances eradicates wrinkles in that area.

The enzymes used in mesotherapy work by removing fat from cell, not by dissolving the cells themselves. Therefore, no damage is done to the body cells themselves. They are equally effective in removing deep fat as well as cellulite. Several sessions of this therapy are required to achieve good results, each lasting for about an hour. The patient does not need to be confined and recovery is almost instantaneous after the therapy is complete.

The fats dissolved by mesotherapy are flushed out through the urine so a person undergoing this type of treatment should drink plenty of water to facilitate the process of cleansing the body.

Thermage is another alternative to liposuction; Thermage is the name given to the removal of excess fat from the body by thermal means. The unwanted fatty deposits are melted by a laser beam. The same beam causes the fibrous or connective tissue of the body to tighten, thus eliminating flabby areas that are present or were caused by the removal of fat from that portion of the body. This method is the most minimally invasive of non surgical new liposuction techniques. Thermage, as a method for tightening the skin and reducing flabby areas, has the approval of the FDA.

This procedure works in two stages to restore a youthful and healthy look to the body. It is widely used for face lifts and the removal of wrinkles and flabby skin from areas of the abdomen, the face, and other portions of the body where sagging skin usually appears.

Since alternatives to liposuction are relatively easier to perform that invasive liposuction, they also cost less. The affordability and lack of significant discomfort that they offer patients make them widely popular among people who need to contour their bodies.

But one crucial point in the success of any procedure is the skill of the person who is performing it. Along this line, it is always better to select physicians who have an excellent track record of performing alternatives to liposuction. This should be done in order to maximize the chances that the procedure will produce the best results.


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