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The Benefits of Thigh Liposuction

The Benefits of Thigh Liposuction

During the summer months, especially, women enjoy wearing bathing suits to swim and keep cool in. Some women, however, are predisposed to have stubborn fatty deposits in the lower part of their bodies. This kind of fat hasn’t gone away with diet and exercise and although not every woman has it, the ones who do will sometimes not wear bathing suits or short shorts, even if they have nice-looking legs. Here is where thigh liposuction can help, since the procedure was created to remove the fat, promoting a sleeker, leaner look to the thighs, legs and abdomen.

The before and after pictures you can find on the Internet, pertaining to thigh liposuction, are dramatic indeed. Liposuction basically is a body-sculpting, surgical procedure that entails a sort of “vacuuming” of fat, and subsequent tightening of the skin, which results in tighter, firmer thighs, as well as legs and buttocks. This surgery costs about $2,800. Additional sites, which might include the legs and abdomen if not back and arms, depending, cost an additional amount. This is a fairly easy procedure for plastic surgeons, and the recover time is about 7-14 days, and you can see dramatic improvement in that amount of time. It does, however take up to one month for complete body reshaping to occur, due to the change that the body needs to adjust to.

If a woman only wants to have leg liposuction, this can be done as well, but since this entails both entire legs, it is a bit more costly, at about $3,000 on up, depending on the surgeon’s fees. Most women who have this procedure done are not too concerned about wearing a bathing suit, but one can certainly show her legs off with a sleeker, leaner look due to this surgery. Recovery is from about 7-14 weeks, with full results within one month.

Another, less costly treatment is the removal of fat by way of inner thigh liposuction. Many women are toned enough on the outside of the thighs, but the inside tends to be neglected. Here is where this surgery comes in handy. It costs about $2,800, which is about as much as the thighs. Recovery is from 7-14 weeks; full results within 1 month.

It should be mentioned that liposuction is a surgical procedure, and anesthesia is generally used. For people who don’t respond well to anesthesia, this might be problematic, although many surgeons have at least one of two alternative methods to employ with regard to use of anesthesia. Advanced in liposuction today, allow for faster recover periods, with regard to when to return to work, etc. The results last for a long time, at least until extra cellulite starts to creep in, which can happen within a few years, depending on the woman’s age.

If you are considering traditional or new liposuction, no matter what part of the body, check the information available to you online. There are many plastic surgeons who have information websites with FAQ’s and other items to peruse, when considering this procedure.


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