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Is Mesotherapy for You?

Is Mesotherapy for You?

Mesotherapy is a medical procedure that involves natural extracts, homeopathic agents, pharmaceuticals, and vitamins into the skin to reduce cellulite, encourage weight loss, treat aging and sagging skin, and invigorate the skin, particularly in the hands and neck. It is also cheap compared to other cosmetic surgeries and almost free of pain.

The use of a mesotherapy treatment offer cosmetic benefits that other cosmetic surgeries like liposuction cannot offer. First off, liposuction cannot treat cellulite; not even the new liposuction techniques can, they can only reduce fat. In fact, liposuction typically causes existing cellulite to appear more prominent or stand out more. Mesotherapy cellulite reduction, on the other hand, not only makes the skin smoother and free of cellulite, because it flushes the fat out of the body, rather than push some of it around like liposuction. Also, the procedure does not require anesthesia or hospitalization.

Also, this cosmetic treatment can encourage skin rejuvenation by using vitamin injections that stimulate and revitalize the skin cells. Some patients begin anti-aging treatments as early as their mid-20s to prevent the formation of wrinkles. If anti-aging treatment is used, a patient can expect treatments several times a year.

The results from mesotherapy injections can typically start being noticed after a couple of sessions, but is dependent on the body type and condition of the patient. Some patients even see some results after the first session. Additionally, the results of mesotherapy can last for long periods of time if the patient maintains a proper diet and exercises regularly. If the treatment is used to combat aging, however, regular visits may be required.

During the treatment, there may be some slight discomfort and burning sensations while the injections are being administered. If they become too uncomfortable for the patient, the mesotherapy doctors may give topical anesthetics to make the procedure pain free.

There are also a couple of small mesotherapy side effects that the patient should be aware of. The most common side effect is bruising that usually heals within a week. After the procedure, the doctor may recommend arnica for several days. Some patients also report soreness, but this typically subsides over a day or two. To reduce side effects, patients are encouraged not to wear makeup for at least four hours and not to bathe for at least eight hours. Also, patients are cautioned not to ingest caffeine or other stimulants before the treatment and eat a high-protein meal.

Mesotherapy cost varies wildly from doctor to doctor and from city to city. Sometimes, it may be possible to find better deals by traveling; prices may be lower even after factoring in the transportation and lodging costs. Also, cost is also determined by the number of sessions that are required to get desired results. The doctor will provide the patient with a treatment plan that will project anticipated prices.

The mesotherapy treatment is an effective way to combat aging, expedite weight loss, and substantially reduce cellulite. Compared to other cosmetic surgeries, it is relatively painless and cheap. It also offers more benefits and has quick results.


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