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New Liposuction Procedures: An Overview

New Liposuction Procedures: An Overview

The constant medical advancements paved the way to the emergence of new liposuction methods that do not require invasive surgeries. These procedures are much more efficient and safer as compared to traditional liposuction. In addition to that, they are capable of successfully eliminating fats on common problem areas that neither diet nor exercise can remove, such as the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.

What to expect

The greatest thing about the new liposuction procedure is that once the fats have been eliminated, you are assured that it is highly unlikely for them to come back. Most of the new liposuction methods melt away fats with the aid of laser-assisted tubes. Unlike the traditional liposuction procedure, this is much safer because surgeons use local anesthetics to numb the target area, and minimal trauma is introduced.

As for the recovery time, the new liposuction procedures offer faster healing. In fact, patients can already resume their normal schedule almost immediately (1 or 2 days the most). However, they are still recommended to wear the compression bandages for at least two weeks after the treatment.

Benefits and Advantages

Many are attracted to try these new fat-eliminating methods due to the numerous advantages that they provide. As mentioned earlier, they introduce very little trauma to the body. This is because liquid fats are suctioned out of the body instead of solid fats. The laser tube liquefies the stored fats before the surgeon takes them out. This method is less traumatic since liquid fats are much easier to remove than solid fats.

Another advantage is that further cosmetic treatments (such as lifts and tucks) are not necessary. Unlike the traditional liposuction technique that usually leaves loose skin, newer methods automatically tighten the skin right after the treatment. Hence, they are perfect for body sculpting. Additionally, they are capable of eliminating up to eight pounds of fats in one session.

Furthermore, the results provided are more permanent. By undergoing the new liposuction method, patients can now say goodbye to stubborn and unwanted fats for good. That being said, they won’t have to worry about the recurrence of fats. But of course, healthy diet and regular exercise are highly advised to maintain their new look.

Even though new liposuction techniques have fewer risks and complications, a consultation visit is still a must so the surgeon can thoroughly assess the amount of fats that needs to be eliminated in order to determine the type of liposuction method that is perfectly suited for you. 


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