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New Liposuction in 2022

New Liposuction in 2022

2011 has already ended but people’s desire to achieve that gorgeous and sexy body doesn’t seem to die. We have conjured this image in our minds that in order to be considered sexy having a flat and well-toned abdominal area is a must. But, unfortunately, not all of us are gifted with a great body. In fact, many have been battling with those unwanted flab in the tummy area. However, times have indeed changed and achieving that model-like body is now possible through the popular cosmetic procedure, liposuction. Liposuction is a cosmetic treatment that is sought after by body-conscious individuals who have a hard time removing fats via conventional means – diet and exercise.

If you have tried all possible ways to melt the excess fats in your body but failed every time, then you are surely considering going under the knife. While liposuction is a great alternative for people who want to finally eliminate the excess fats in their body and reduce the appearance of cellulites, this procedure comes with a set of pros and cons. But over the years, different kinds of liposuction techniques have been introduced to get better results and to lower down the expected side effects. Techniques of new liposuction in 2012 that offer great potential include mini liposuction and frozen liposuction (also known as cryolipolysis).

Frozen Liposuction

Relatively new in the cosmetic treatment scene, cryolipolysis, also known as frozen liposuction, is a new fat-melting technique ideal for those who are not a fan of the conventional liposuction, which is extremely invasive. This non-invasive lipo procedure works by freezing the parts of the body where fat accumulates. This is done to encourage weight loss by breaking down the fats in the targeted areas. It is believed that freezing the fats will help in effectively breaking them down.

The frozen fats will then melt away and will be naturally eliminated or flushed from the patient’s body. Deemed as effective and safe, frozen liposuction offers promising results but the downside is that it is only applicable for melting away fats in smaller body regions. And since it is a newly introduced cosmetic treatment, it is still under trial and has yet to be approved by the FDA. Although there are already a few cosmetic clinics offering this liposuction treatment, patients will have to try it at their own risk. It would be a good idea to research more about the procedure first or allow the doctor to explain it further to you to help you decide if it is worth a try or not.

Mini Liposuction

Much more affordable than conventional liposuction is a treatment called as mini liposuction. It is seen an economical alternative to the typical lipo treatment but mini liposuction is only recommended for taking away fats in smaller areas of the body. As the name suggests, this type of lipo treatment is only capable of eliminating small portions of fats. The treatment is less complicated, compared to other liposuction techniques available, and it is also very friendly to the pocket.

This new liposuction procedure is ideal for removing fats in the elbows, around the knees, top part of the breast, under the chin and the armpit. Like other new liposuction in 2012, it is advised that you do your homework first and know more about what this particular lipo procedure can offer you. Doing so will give you the peace of mind knowing that you will be undergoing a safe liposuction treatment that can offer you visible results.


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