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Lipodissolve Cost and General Information

Lipodissolve Cost and General Information

Lipodissolve is a cellulite treatment used by licensed doctors to help dissolve fat in different areas of your body. This has been around for a very long time, but many are just now coming to educate themselves more on how exactly it works. A doctor injects chemicals into the areas of fat that you want to diminish. Many times diet and cellulite exercises will not get rid of the areas of fat that we want, so this procedure or surgery can be our only option available.

First, the doctor analyzes the areas in which a person wants to have the fat dissolved from. Then pictures are taken and the patient is measured. This type of procedure is not a quick fix for cellulite removal; the results are seen over time. Therefore, a person needs to understand this before deciding to have the injections. The injections do cause swelling, discomfort and tenderness after receiving them.

The swelling will go down over time, but a patient needs to take into consideration that they will feel some discomfort after receiving the injections. Not all doctors carry the same type of chemicals used for Lipodissolve. Some cosmetic surgery centers utilize cheaper products, which do not have the same results. Most times, several areas can be done in one treatment. Some of the most common areas of the body that people chose to have this surgery on is thighs, waist, back, upper arms and chin.

Once the fat is dissolved with injections, it is then broken down in the body and excreted by cells. This cleansing process takes a few weeks. The fat that is removed from the area is permanent and remains flat. Sometimes Lipodissolve injections are given to people that had liposuction, but still have areas in which the fat remained. Some people who receive this type of cellulite reduction treatment worry about their skin being damaged or even muscle being removed. With the proper treatment, a patient would not have any of these things happen.

Even though the results are permanent, if the patient gains weight, they are likely to get the fat back to the areas that they had the Lipodissolve done on. Therefore, the patient must maintain the proper nutrition and exercise in order to keep the fat away. The average patient can expect to lose between 2 to 6 inches after the treatments. This can be a significant loss that results in a more toned and shapely figure.

µHere is a an infrared shot of the lipodissolve procedure.

One reason many chose to get lip dissolve as opposed to liposuction is the cost and the time it takes to recover. A Lipodissolve center will allow the patient to be treated without being put to sleep which is a huge savings. Anesthesiologists are one of the biggest expensive that goes into a liposuction procedure. Therefore, avoiding this cost will save the patient thousands of dollars. Most people can go back to their every day activities the same day if not the next. The area that was treated may remain swollen, but the patient can still return to everyday physical activities. With liposuctions, a patient can be restricted to a bed for weeks and also suffer a lot of pain and permanent scaring.

Lipodissolve can be costly, depending on how often you are receiving the injections. The average cost to treat one area on a patients body runs between $5-$1,000. If a person is looking to get several areas done, this expensive can quickly add up. Therefore, a person may want to consider treating just one area to see what type of results they receive. Not everybody that receives these injections are happy with the results. Sometimes, people have been known not to see any type of change in the appearance or loss of inches. Definitely do your research on the doctor before you chose them.


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